About us

We are quite innovative for the market as we offer now adaptive to device and fully responsive HTML animations with high level of interactivity. They are memorable conversations between brand and customers in area of web design, banner ads, presentations.
Our clients trust us as their true partner, helping them achieve their objectives. We aim for apropriate and focused animated messages, that tell the required brand story on all levels of perseption.
Makhina is bold creative team with more than 700 banner campaigns, presentation clips, website animations, constantly achieving interesting scenarios, appropriate designs and new effects. Most of all - best quality with the lowest possible size.
Significant development and experience in AD mobile versions where adaptive property of our animations allow us to make different design for landscape or portrait view.
Our focus is Web Animations and Banners but we are open for new chalenges in the area of innovations and development of any type.

9 awards in design contests. Most significant - Coca Cola Contest (2nd place) and E-on Contest (1st place). Licensed & sold ideas in contests of Festool, Alfi, E-on.



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